WE’re taking the loss out of Lotteries

Vice Lotteries was founded with one purpose: Allow our customers to enjoy gambling while saving money. With Vice Lotteries, you can enjoy the tremendous pleasure of tossing the dice without losing your ability to afford all the other things in life that you love.


We have two
simple Rules


1. The House never wins

Vice lotteries will never, never, never take any money from your bets. This ensures that the public, as a whole, has exactly the same amount of money after a bet as it had before it. State lotteries currently take around 40 percent each time you bet. They like to make their customers losers. You’re not a loser. Vice Lotteries will never make you one.

2. you can only bet what you can afford to lose

If you want to place larger bets, you must prove that you have enough wealth to continue betting long enough to ensure the likelihood of winning back any losses. Not everyone is going to like this, but we at Vice Lotteries absolutely refuse to turn any of our customers into losers.


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