We’re Here So you can gamble and save money. We have two Rules To Make This Happen.


Rule 1: The House never wins

Before humans were writing, we were gambling. Gambling might as well be a rank amongst the basic human urges. Every civilization has dealt with gambling in its own way; some have banned it, some have shunned it, the States have profited from it.

We think these responses are kinda dumb. Gambling is not an inherently evil or immoral activity. But, substantial losses from gambling often lead to evil and immoral acts. Thankfully, gambling doesn’t have to involve substantial losses. Substantial losses only happen when lottery operators design games to make them happen. The States designed their lotteries to create substantial losses and made it unlawful for Vice Lotteries to offer you games without substantial losses. That’s dumb, immoral, and unconstitutional.

The first rule that Vice Lotteries follows to make sure you can gamble and save is that we never, never, never take any money from your bets. This ensures that the public, as a whole, has exactly the same amount of money after a bet as they had before it. State lotteries currently take around 40% each time you bet. By doing so, they make sure their gamblers are losers. You’re not a loser and Vice Lotteries will never make you one.

Rule 2: You can only bet what you can lose

Not only is it important to us that the public, as a whole, does not lose money gambling, it is important to us that you do not lose everything you have gambling. As a result, we have rule two. We only let you bet what you can afford to bet. Not everyone is going to like this, but we at Vice Lotteries absolutely refuse to turn any of our customers into losers. So, we limit how much you can gamble based upon how much money you have.

We’re still working on perfecting our algorithms, but our goal is simple. In each Vice Lottery game that you play, you get to set your bet amount and the odds of the game. For any game with odds greater than one in one five thousand, we require you to prove that you can afford to gamble enough so that we can gaurentee, within a margin of error, that you will be able to recoup your losses by continuing to play.

We will never be perfect at this. You will always have to be aware of your own limits, and when you have upcoming bills to pay, adventures to obtain, and dates to enjoy. But, we will continuously be improving our tools to make you aware of your limits because while gambling is fun, there is more to life than gambling. Vice Lotteries is taking the loss out of lotteries so you can live life to the fullest.



That’s it, Problem solved…

Yes, it is really that simple. There is no reason that gambling needs to cause societal or individual losses. It is only through corrupt laws that we are in the this sad state of affairs. Help us remedy this by telling the world that you want to gamble and save.

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